Tips and Tricks For aat Level 3

At AAT Level 3 you will be ready to move up to higher levels. You will get a quest from Gollop to deliver a letter to Krav Maga. This letter will give you a secondary objective in the game to go and defeat a creature. You have three options when it comes to handling the creature: you can pick up the weapon and fight it, you can drop the weapon and run for safety or you can try to steal the weapon and then fight it. If you do not want to mess with picking up a weapon to fight a creature, you will not need to do any of those quests.


Once you complete the quest, go talk to Gollop again aat level 2. He will ask you to bring him a piece of armor so that he can repair the dagger that he damaged. Accept his offer and head to the shack where the merchant is. Talk with him and pick up the armor. Then return to Gollop who will remark that you have become very adept with archery since your last battle. If you ask him if you can be allowed to practice with his dagger, he will agree but will have to check first to see if you are an Aat archer or not.


Since you are so close to moving on to level three, you might as well spend some more time training with your bow. The first free opportunity to practice this comes right after you have defeated the merchant. The best bow candidates in the game are Hrimmak and Jorral. You should go north at the same time as the merchant in order to meet them. Just follow the path indicated on your minimap for a small encounter.


If you feel like you have gotten pretty good with your leveling by now aat level 3, talk to Hrimmak about your progress. He will let you know that you are a high level and therefore should start looking for rare items that other players are selling for a great price. He will also share with you the secret of how to get unlimited levels. After talking with him, continue on your way until you come upon a cave where a dragon is locked inside. Kill it and loot the magic key that opens the door.


Continue onward until you meet a Nalor merchant. He will sell you the elixir of life and the soul gem defiling stone. These are required to complete the quests mentioned earlier. When you’re done with the area, go back to the entrance and turn around to find an attack by zombies.


Kill all the zombies and open the chest for a leveled up Aat. Continue on your way as usual, but don’t go past the wooden bridge because a shadow appears and attacks you. Kill him and loot his corpse for the magic key. Return to the previous platform and use the key to open the magical door and enter the inner portion of the mines.

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